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2. You know, I'll be your life, your voice your reason to be....

One Direction - Moments <3
- Yeah.
We went to hall. I dressed my jacket, sneakers. My cousin wore jacket 3/4 and spring boots. She always dressed stylishly, and I was the opposite. Always I was the "EMO-recluse." combat boots, black, strong makeup. This is me. High heels, skirt, light make-up - it's Angela.
15 mins later we were at the mall. We drove to the first floor, where there are shops with clothes. We went to the first. Angela was in heaven. Pink, white, bows, lace... I watched a couple of things and then sat down on the couch and watched as my cousin was raging. I knew for myself I choose nothing here.
Finally, an hour later we went from there. Angela already had lots of bagd, and I haven't got anything.
- Okay. I am going there - pointed to another shop. This time, Cropp. - And you go there - pointed RockShop.
- Okey. Per hour here.
I went to my heaven. In this shop were all what I love. I was looking between the shelves. I feel like a small child which got sweets.
I take some T-shirts, shorts, tunics, and lots of accessories. Bows, necklaces, earrings, crosses, two so-called wedding rings. I payed and handsome Mr. Peter packed my shopping bags with logo RS.
I went out. In the same time my cousin went out from "Cropp".  I came to her and we went to our favorite cafe. We ordered ice cream and cappuccino. Next to us sat and read a teenagers magazine about celebrities. We heard what they talked about, namely .... One Direction.
- Yeey! It's today! Concert One Direction!- girl said.
- In this magasine wrote that Harry bought new boxer briefs.
They laughted.
- Ey, this bithes excited to your Harry.
- Pffff... okey. They've got only this.
We laughted. In the same time the waitress brought order. 30 mins later we payed. In the way to exit we said to this bitches:      
- Hey, we haerd that you are excited about  new Harry's boxer briefs. Did they write something about it?
- Not, why?
- Ou poor. At least I know it. I can tell you. Ordinary men boxer briefs in red plaid. Nothing. Well, unless the ass of my Hazza.
Nothing else I said. We went out.
- How do you know what Harry have got the pants?
- This is my husband!
- Of course, but really?
- I don't know. I  invented it.
She laughted.
- Stupid bitches. No one told them to believe.
30 mins later we were at home. We took off our shoes, jackets and went into the kitchen.
- do we do hot chocolate?- I asked.
- Of course!
I put the kettle on an electric stove. From locker I took out two cups and I poured the contents of their bags of chocolate. Then I took a bowl of carrots still I put off on the marble and shoulder where Angela was already sitting.
- Mmm, carrot! Help yourself Lou? - My cousin gave dish on the neighboring site.
I started to laugh. I flooded chocolate. Take the purchases and walk into the living room.-  Angela said.
Angela took the bag, and I took cups and carrot. We went to the room and I turn on TV. MTV of course.
- Show me what you bought.- asked cousin.
I pulled out of the bag and began to show.
- Jesus! Will you always be wearing black clothes? Your closet looks like an undertaker or a widow's wardrobe.
- You know; your style, your business. If you still want to show that you are a mysterious, inaccessible, etc. is okay. Apparently guys like to explore the unseen woman.
- I don't care what excites them - I grunted.
- Oh, don't talk, you don't want to pick up Harry.
- Maybe I want, but I'm one of millions fans for him.
- Don't be so pessimistic. Try to make you notice.
- Mhmm.
Fortunately for me, my mother came home.
- Hey girls. I've got for you a pizza.- she said when she came into the living room.
She put the box on the table.
- Eat fast and get ready because after 2:00 pm
- Okey.
We went to my room and ate it.

1. I'll be here, by your side...

Dear diary...
Yes, yes, yeeees! It's already tomorrow! Tomorrow I'm going to see my 5 gods from One Direction! I'm so excited! My mom went after Angela and I was jumping around room and singing "Gotta be you". Around the house I could hear voices of the boys. In the same moment, Angela entered to my room. She's my friend and cousin. 2 in 1.
- It's gotta be youuuuuuu!
- Only youuuu! - She finished.
I hugged Angela and We jumped and squealed. Then my mother came up to my room, turn off music and said:
- Don't You exaggerate a little bit?- and she went out.
- It's already tomorrow! I can't believe it! Tomorrow I'll see Niall, Zayn, Louis, Harry...
- Ekhem, ekhem....
- Okey. Harry is yours... but What's the best... I'll see Liam!
And we  squealed again. After we heard my mom and we had to go down.
- I'm going do shopping. You want something?
- Ymmm... just something sweet. And carrots is gone.
- Okey bunny.
- Mooom! - I don't like it.
- Oh fine, I won't say it.
Without speaking we went up. My mother went out so I turn on One Direction. We started singing and jumping. We were excited tomorrow's concert. About an hour later, my mother came back so I had to turn down the volume. Was night so we did some toast for supper. After we watched UAN concert on DVD which we know by heart. It was ending at 11pm. I took a shower.Angela did the same. Later we were on my bed and sand What Makes You Beautiful.
- Jessica... will you marry me? Will yo be my Mrs Styles?- Angela began irony.
We laughed.
- Angelina... my angel...become a mother of small Liams. Become Mrs Payne!
- Of course babe!
I knelt down in front of her on the bed. I made she laughed
- OMG. I won't sleep today.
- Me too! I need Liam.
- Pfff.. Hazza could hug me.
- I think we could be 4 in 1 bed.
- It would be... hot!
We laughed again.
- Ey Jess... Would you went to bed with Harry after the concert?
- No! I'm a directioner, but I have honor. I would feel like slut. And you with Liam?
- Too no. I would like to experience my first time with him, but it's .... I want to be romantic. Rose petals, wine, music, and we in bed ... Not a quickie after the concert.
- I don't know why, but I am glad that the tour ends and the guys are still in London now. I enjoy this, but I know that my dream to make friends with them won't come true.
- How do you know? You know that when you want something hard this come true.
- Yhym.. of course...- I said sad.
- Yes! And now Good Night. We should be rested tomorrow. Will we go shopping? I can't wait to 4pm
- Yeah! Of course!
- Great! Good Night. One Direction's dreams.
- Thanks. You too.
After 15 mins I was sleeping.
I dreamd I lost my jacket with inscription "Styles" .  In my house I cried because I waited for it long time. After few days the jacket found. And brought it himself Harry Styles! Achhh... Then he invited me for a walk. When it was very romantic, approached my lips to himself. When we wanted to kiss .... I woke up!
I was upset. I didn't want to sleep. I got up and go to wardrobe. I took a shower and dressed up.  Half an hour later I was back in the room. Angela was awake. Chose clothes to wear for today.
- Hey.- I said.
- Hey. How do you sleep?- She asked.
- Great. I have a strange dream. A little stupid, but cool.
- Haha. I had great. And now I'm going to take a shower.
- Mhmmm.
 She take her clothes and went. I looked at watch. It was 11:23 am. I made the bed and went down to the kitchen. In the same time Angela went. We started do breakfast.
- So what did you dream?
I told her my dream. And she laughed.
- I'm sorry that nothing happened. I dreamed that became friends with 1D and they picked us up for school. . Then we lived together....
- I want it!
We laughed again. We finished our breakfast.
- Are we going?- I asked.
So.. we have chapter 1. Karen said "sorry" if here is some faults ;p



Hey guys ;3
Welcome again. Now in english version! My friend translate my story for you :3
I hope u'll like it. Her English isnt well but... oh c'omn. She is only human ;p
 Orginal version is here: "All You Need Is Love".


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